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Inzvm, thanks god or whatever you believe, you made this. Even if is your perspective is very tough, simple and mind closed, you created a great piece of video to not only communicate your feelings and opinion about a controversial theme that is religion, its also a great way to convence people about what you believe and what do you think about ALL RELIGIONS.

History is the main judge of christianity, and its very reasonable. They made massive genocides for power, they even cheated the learnings of his own god, for power, and even today the vatican is fighting for the control of all. I know that even now the christianity is obsolete, but thats not mean that it can't be renovate.

Its all about the search of happiness. We wanted to be happy for ever, and for that we constantly find ways, trails to find our way to the sence of life. Some people find it in family, others in money, power, lust, they are free of do what they can, but freedom its end with the freedom of the other one.

And that's why i love your video: The macabre, dark, and odd design of the enviroment and characters made me feel the emotional reason of why do you think that religions is like that. I have other opinion, but i regret to say it. But one point is clear: The video is awesome... no doubt about that. I hope you do kind of videos like this more often.

Bye :)

Fun as hell, nice work :D

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks, haha. Glad you found it kind of funny.

Simple, efficient... Glorious.

Warpentak responds:

blessed be

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You are Old Man Hitler, The Hungry destroyer. Your destiny is to consume the British Empire

The coolest thing in this radio is not the smooth way than it works... it's the epic song list on it!

deathink responds:


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It's just awesome! Love the deep and creepy aesthetic. And congrats for the frontpage :3

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks you!

Brutal el detalle del cuerpo, aunque el fondo y la tierra se me ve demasiado plano con tan poco detalle. Con un sombreado mejoraría caleta.

Buena imágen al fin y al cabo :)

You have real talent, I have to say. I love the sci-fi, surreal setting and also using a chamaleon as mount... yeah, I haven't see anything like that. I'm waiting for more :D

Dhdzz responds:

thanks!...I'll be posting more:)

Some art, some reviews... mostly hiatus.

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