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Saved Saved

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Inzvm, thanks god or whatever you believe, you made this. Even if is your perspective is very tough, simple and mind closed, you created a great piece of video to not only communicate your feelings and opinion about a controversial theme that is religion, its also a great way to convence people about what you believe and what do you think about ALL RELIGIONS.

History is the main judge of christianity, and its very reasonable. They made massive genocides for power, they even cheated the learnings of his own god, for power, and even today the vatican is fighting for the control of all. I know that even now the christianity is obsolete, but thats not mean that it can't be renovate.

Its all about the search of happiness. We wanted to be happy for ever, and for that we constantly find ways, trails to find our way to the sence of life. Some people find it in family, others in money, power, lust, they are free of do what they can, but freedom its end with the freedom of the other one.

And that's why i love your video: The macabre, dark, and odd design of the enviroment and characters made me feel the emotional reason of why do you think that religions is like that. I have other opinion, but i regret to say it. But one point is clear: The video is awesome... no doubt about that. I hope you do kind of videos like this more often.

Bye :)

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Birth Birth

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Fun as hell, nice work :D

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks, haha. Glad you found it kind of funny.

The Gods The Gods

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Simple, efficient... Glorious.

Warpentak responds:

blessed be


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Sonic The Hedgehog TV show in a nutshell.

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Pokemon Energy Powder Pokemon Energy Powder

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Built to Last Built to Last

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Simple, but fantastic.

The animation seems very pretty, but the most important thing of your work is the dynamism than the video have. The story, even if doesnt really is very complex, is well developed, taking the less dynamic parts even more action than really is. Its a pleasure to follow you at your first videos and a nice work always will be a fav in my channel

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Happy pico day! Happy pico day!

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Make a Shuffleling whit all the classics of Newgrounds... and Tom Fulp puking rainbows for see it (i dont know how drug i just smoke... and even i dont smoke in my life!)


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Really love this. I can see a really better progress than your "other video", and I like the change of your series and try an experimental video whit... birds.
Now the animation are more smooth and the combination of colors always make a good show on your videos. I really love your animations and still doing your TF2 series and other things like this!

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daigonite responds:


I've been kinda in a creative rut lately, which explains the lack of activity. I will probably continue the series but with a different direction than my last one; I honestly kind of regret it. But I think this helped clear my mind a bit.

Thanks for the review, as always.

A normal date A normal date

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Compatriota, realmente esta muy bueno. Tierno, aunque no es tampoco una obra de arte... ¿Pero quien soy yo para decirte eso?! xD
Espero que progreses y que siguas creando mas videos. :)

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Diives responds:

veo que quisiste averiguar mas de mi y mis trabajos, gracias por fijarte :D cualquier cosa puedes agregarme para hablar d elo que sea :B

Skyrim: Ulfric's Legacy Skyrim: Ulfric's Legacy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, I only say one thing about it: Bitches

MangaFood responds: