Good Days

2013-04-27 01:30:35 by AbissLake

About 2 month since i started to go highschool, and i have a felling that i'll submit more pictures in this year. Tomorrow I would submit other 2 art works, only if i have time. Well, nothing more, thanks :D

PS: Oh, I forgot something; I finished Half Life 2... and yes, is the best game of the decade.

Good Days


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2013-04-27 04:59:57

HL2 was a great, but best game of the decade? What about GTA SA?

AbissLake responds:

Of course saying that is a little absurde, in fact, i was really skeptical when that game won "Game of the Decade" in VGA 2012, and also hate how IGN put the game on every list. But when i play it and complete the main and also the episodes, I'm sure that is not false at all. The fact that you can use the scenario as a weapon ( chairs, beds, crates, even cars) were really revolutionary; the graphics were really realistic in that time, but the best thing that had was the extraordinary inmersion. From the beginning to the end, you feel like you are Gordon; the script is so good that everything that happends in the game also involucres you, something that in GTA: SA didn't happend.

Of course, is only a mention. It's like i say OoT is the best game in the history. The only thing that we think the same way is that Half Life 2 rocks :)


2013-04-27 12:52:35

A lot of good things happened 2004, HL2, GTA SA, Doom 3. New games in all the franchises I still follow, RE made it just 17 days too late. :) The thing that surprised me most about HL2 when I ran it was how easy it seemed to run considering how intense the graphics looked. The engine was way before it's time too, as lightweight as Crotecs for the Serious Sam games.

That we do. :)