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Let's break the silence.

Posted by AbissLake - June 23rd, 2018

Well, if anyone is still watching this page, i really appreciate all the people who, after all this time of inactivity, still watches my stuff (if is there any yet); about my actual situation, i have stuff to say about:

In these years a lot of stuff changed, mostly in a good way. This is the last year of college, but many of my artistic projects doesn't apply to the aesthetic of this page, and recently i don't draw as much as before, mostly because many of my works usually were done in a situation of stress or pain, and today i'm mostly comfortable with my life, so i don't draw as edgy stuff as before. 

Anyways, as long as i remember this page, i'll keep submiting content with better quality than my other pages. There's no need to repeat again, but anyways, thanks for all the ones who still watches and follow this channel and didn't drop their Newgrounds accounts like me.

Thanks for all! c: c:



Life will get to you sometimes, but never give up on what you love to do. Art is a special thing and you are adding a great service to it. I didn't pursue my artistic love in my youth and I regret it now in a sense, but I'm doing my best to catch up! Keep drawing from what's inside and you'll never feel alone.

Art for me in an outlet for my mind to relax in and escape from the world.

don't ever believe you need something or someone to keep you in the practice either. I've made things while i was bored outta my damn mind and I look back and I'd realize I was trying something new or refining myself. From that realization I began testing myself, little my little.
It's good that your life is better than it was, you've got a very creative and poetic mind to create the images that you do. The fact you aren't immersed in a cloud of negative passion means your artwork will only get better, because you'll allow yourself to explore more and make more mistakes, then learn from said mistakes.

I've been following you for years, back on my old account and you were one of the first people i followed when i made this account, that's because while your work was a little edgy, the images you made, and still make, are very poetic and abstractly beautiful and fun to ponder on.

You've inspired me to think about the images I see a little more than what's just shown to me.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that you've made great work then, and now that you're feeling less stressed, your work is only going to get better as long as you keep to it.