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A country called "Chile"

2013-06-13 22:52:26 by AbissLake

This is Chile...

It has 1,250,000 square kilometers long and is one of the only countries that it has territories in more than one continent ( like the antartic base and the Easter Island), and its famous for three things: its variability of landscapes ( desert, forest, city, tropical and snow ), its great economy sucess and of course, the brutal military dictatorship of 1973.

Let's stop in point 2.

If we see, now the Europeans Union is in crisis, US is very bad wounded in his economy, and countries like Argentina and Venezuela, but in Chile nothing happends. Our economy growns about 5% in the last year, and we have a pib per capita of 20,000 US Dollars, automaticly turn to us a development country....

or is not?

If we see, many of our resources are holded by foreigners countries, and we have on of the higher inequality index in all globe... the state of Chile is now a mere publisher of the great companies that take our natural resources to send it to feed the hand of Uncle Sam... but is not so bad, uh?

It's not

Maybe you can say "ok, another communist from the America below", but let me say you something... when you where born, you born in a country that the state have the obligation of give to you a great education, a great medical attention, and a salary to your parents to cover all your costs... but what's happends in Chile?

Here, the education and the medical attention is a company, what that's mean, it means that to pay in a decent university (like the University of Chile), you have to pay about $6.000 Dollars each year for 7 years to complete a career in medicine, having the total cost of $42.000 Dollars... but wait! if you see that the minimum salary (that many of our country have) is below $400 each month... is barelly imposible to pay it, considering the bills of the house, the pay of food and electricity, water, etc...

But now you say, well, it sucks, but it's no so bad the education there, not? IT'S NOT. Every school is made for a special kind of economic group. We have a municipal system, and not a state system, what that its means? Every money that the state give its given to every municipe of the country... but the problem that is equal of their total production. If we see the municipy of Las Condes ( the richier of the country ), many of the schools have a media score of 320 in the Simce test ( a test to see how the education is in the primary and secondary school ), for a total max of 400, but in a poor municipe like Puente Alto or Pedro Aguirre Cerda, the media score downs to a minimum of 236... about 100 less that the richier schools...
This is the country that i live everyday... glad of god, of whatever entity, i have a great family with a great education to know all this. Today the secondary and university students are protesting to change all of this, to change this old education system for other free, for everyone and of great quality... Every day of protest, many of mindless criminals and suffering students goes to couse chaos in the main streets of Santiago, Valparaiso, ViƱa del Mar, Concepcion, Temuco, etc... but the represion of the public order is just brutal.

In the middle of the battlefield, they have a simple order: restore public order. If that's mean kick a defendless 15 years old in the head many times, holded by 5 cops, it's worth. It's that mean shot a man in the head (it's lost his eye on it), it's worth... the abuse of the police order, the maquiavelic manipulation of the mass media ( TV, radio )...

Our only stronghold is here: the internet, and for everyone who see this note, who everyone to read it completly and for everyone who, bless him, investigate more about our country and what's happend today... the only thing that can i say is thank you...

This is Chile, a distopic paradise... a distopic... paradise.


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